2014 NFL Mock Draft

Round 1

  1. Houston (2-14)- Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina- Clowney is the biggest prospect in this draft. Yes, he has his issues like every player but all of his is mental. If the Texans can wake him up they will unleash the best pass rushing prospect since Julius Peppers. The Texans could go with Bridgewater here however I think they will go after Cousins or Cutler instead of drafting a QB.
  2. St. Louis – from Washington (3-13)- Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M- I believe he is the safest pick of the draft this year. The premier tackle of this year’s group. Jake Matthews dealt with having to block for the toughest QB in college to block for and did a phenomenal job at it. He might find the NFL actually easier to block in then college with a QB that will stay in the pocket. All this being said I expect St. Louis to trade this pick and just keep stock piling picks.
  3. Jacksonville (4-12)- Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville- In my eyes not the best QB in this draft and I truly believe he won’t be the first to go come April. As of now however he is viewed as the top QB of the crop of QB’s. Bridgewater has excellent touch and places balls perfectly to his receivers. My problem with him is he has never faced much pressure in college and looks to frail to me. I could see a major injury happening to him in the NFL if he doesn’t bulk up fast. He is a smart and poised QB however and can make any throw.
  4. Cleveland (4-12)- Johnny Maziel, QB, Texas A&M- It actually breaks my heart mocking him to go to Browns since he is my second top rated prospect of the draft and I’m the biggest Johnny fan out there. The Browns though may be a great fit for Johnny if they surround him with the right talent and commit to him. I don’t really understand why Johnny gets all this slack as a player. He can throw a ball on a dime across his body 40 yards but that isn’t good enough for some people. Johnny should be the first person taken this draft. Not me being bias just from what I have seen. The scouts in Cleveland are supposedly in love with Johnny so I don’t see him going any farther down.
  5. Oakland (4-12)- Blake Bortles, QB, UCF- Boy I love being right about people. I always thought Blake Bortles was going to end up being a high draft pick due to his college play and finally towards the end of the year got the hype he deserved. However, I feel like his hype may be too high right now and I see him more as a middle of first round pick. Oakland needs a QB though and Olson, the Raiders offensive coordinator would sure love having a better QB like Bortles on the roster. Look at what he managed to do with Pryor and Mcgloin this year.
  6. Atlanta (4-12)- Anthony Barr, OLB, UCLA- Probably the most intriguing prospect of the draft due to how high his stock is when he has only played linebacker for 2 years. Barr converted from fullback at UCLA to his current position of linebacker and absolutely cause havoc in the PAC 12. My issue with him is he is atrocious when it comes to pass defense but that can always be improved. There has been talk of him going number 1 but can’t see that coming true due to inexperience at the position.
  7. Tampa Bay (4-12)- Gregg Robinson , OT, Auburn- The Bucs can go many different ways here and we will not really know what they will be targeting until after free agency to see what they will fill. Donald Penn is not doing it at left tackle and I believe they should address this issue first. Robinson has been climbing up the tackle rankings after blocking and clearing paths for Tre Mason all year. Expect Robinson’s name to become much more spoken of very soon.
  8. Minnesota (5-10-1)- Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State- Most likely would want to trade back to make this pick because no one else needs a QB around these picks. This would be an ideal situation for Carr because most likely Cassel or Ponder could start for a year before Carr has to step in. Carr has a chance to make it in the pros but after the showing he had in his last college game, has a lot of making up to do.
  9. Buffalo (6-10)- Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M- Top WR in the draft next year? Not Evans but I believe he will be the first one taken. Evans has the prototypical #1 WR build and I think the Bills will fall in love with that. EJ Manuel needs as much targets as he can get up there and it will be tough to miss Evans. I think Evans will struggle mightily his first year especially running routes. He is very raw when it comes to route running. Also Evans uses his hands against cornerbacks and usually pulls and grabs and won’t get away with it in the NFL.
  10. Detroit (7-9)- Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson- Detroit would be licking their lips if this happens in the draft. I really believe Sammy Watkins deserves to be a top 6 player with what he can bring to a team but, players fall, it happens. Sammy in my mind is the top WR and just because he may be a bit shorter than your usual number one receiver doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be treated like one. He isn’t as small, ie Tavon Austin, as some people make it out to be. Just imagine an offense of Stafford, Bush, Calvin and Sammy on turf, that would be a tough team to stop.
  11. Tennessee (7-9)- Cyrus Kouandjio OT, Alabama- His stock has fluctuated all year due to his inconsistent player however ended the season on a high. Cyrus showed major improvement over the year but is still very raw. . He is a raw lineman and the Titans will need to give him enough time to develop but has the size and work ethic to make it in the NFL.
  12. New York Giants (7-9)- Khalil Mack, DE/OLB, Buffalo- The two issues I had with the Giants this year was line play on both ends of the ball. They should let Tuck leave I think his time in NY is over, atleast as a Giant. Then on the other side they did not give any time for Eli to throw, making a correlation to Eli leading the league in INTs. I believe the Giants will stick to the defensive side and drafting what they draft best in pass rushers. Mack is an intriguing prospect who really blew up this year. Even though he played in the MAC, he did get a chance to play against Ohio State and played phenomenal. Mack is a man who is on a mission every time he rushes the passer and I expect it to translate in the NFL.
  13. St. Louis (7-9)- HaHa Clinton-Dix, S, Alabama- One of those picks in the draft that just makes too much sense. Clinton-Dix is the best player available and the Rams have a huge need at the safety position. Knowing how the NFL draft works this won’t be the Rams pick but it really is the perfect fit for both parties. Only downside to Clinton-Dix is his dumb play at some times but he is a playmaking safety who makes hits that would make Ronnie Lott proud.
  14. Chicago (8-8)-Ra’Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota- this pick I believe will be a DT but, depends on the scheme they decide to run next year. With rumors of running a 3-4 this pick could very well be Louis Nix from Notre Dame. If they stick to the 4-3 they have run for years the pick will easily be Mr. Hageman. Ra’Sede Hageman’s game can be defined by one word. Explosive. He can use finesse or power to get passed guards and really dominated for Minnesota’s defense. His name was always being called for being involved in plays.
  15. Pittsburgh (8-8)- Louis Nix, DT, Notre Dame- The Steelers will be hoping the Bears stick to their 4-3 so that Nix may fall to them. Nix is the stud nose tackle in this year’s draft and would be a perfect fit for the Steelers for a position they need. Right now the Steelers have a 315 pound defensive end playing nose tackle for them and if they get Nix will upgrade to a 345 pound monster. Nix’s only negative going into the draft is he was hurt last year with a torn meniscus that could affect his stock.
  16. Dallas (8-8)-Cameron Erving, OT, Florida State- A lot of people see the needs all on the defensive end when it comes to mocking for the Cowboys. Yes, they have holes however people aren’t looking at what will have to happen. Doug Free will need to be cut in order for the Cowboys to help get under that 31 million dollar cap problem they created for themselves. Once Free is gone. They will not be able to sign a tackle, atleast a formidable one, due to the cap issues. That’s why I’m mocking a tackle here. Cameron Irving is another raw offensive tackle like Cyrus from Alabama, being a converted defensive tackle but showed so much promise this season as a blocker. If he lives up to the high ceiling he has, him and Tyron Smith would be a hell of a combo of tackles. Not to mention Tony is going to need protection after the surgery this year.
  17. Baltimore (8-8)- Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan- The blindside may be over for Oher in Baltimore after this year. They need to find a replacement for him and Lewan has the talent to replace him. Lewan’s issue isn’t talent, the problem with him is consistency. Lewan at times look dominate and ready for the NFL, then at other times he will look like an average line player. Time will tell if Lewan can become consistent and if he does he may be the 2nd best OT prospect in this draft.
  18. New York Jets (8-8)-  Marqise Lee, WR, USC- Many mocks have tight ends going to the Jets but I think Cumberland showed enough improvement this year as a pass catching tight end. Also the Jets will be losing Holmes this year and need someone who can make big plays for them. Insert Lee, and the Jets have target for Geno and can start making the offense seem somewhat decent. Watch out for Kelvin Benjamin though has that prototypical WR body like Evans and could have some combine hype numbers. Nig Playmaker.
  19. Miami (8-8)- Stehpon Tuitt, DE/DT, Notre Dame- The obvious need for the Dolphins is on the offensive line not the defensive line. That being said, all the first round tackles with talent are off the board. Another need that will be created due to free agency is the defensive line for the Dolphins. Tuitt may be a bit of a reach here, but not as much as the next offensive tackle.
  20. Arizona (10-6)- Vic Beasley, OLB/DE, Clemson- John Abraham started for the Cardinals last year at OLB. Yes, John Abraham the defensive end that played for the Jets which seems liked a hundred years ago. The Cardinals have needs on their line however it wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be. They could also go QB with Derek Carr however, I think they would try and trade up if that were the case. Beasley will help improve the Cardinals pass rush which needs an upgrade.
  21. Green Bay* (8-7-1)- Jace Amaro, TE, Texas Tech- Anytime someone is compared to a man who re invented a position and was the GOAT at the position I usually have an issue with. Jace is being compared to Tony Gonzalez and I don’t think that’s fair to him. Yes he is a very good pass catching tight end but you simply cannot compare someone to the greatest to ever play the position. Amaro had a break out year at Texas Tech and will look to continue that success to the pros. Only problem is some off the field and blocking issues but shouldn’t be a problem in the NFL. I also think Finley is going to retire from the NFL which makes the TE position such a big need for the Packers.
  22. San Diego* (9-7) -Marcus Roberson, CB, Florida-First Cornerback off the board at where CB’s should start going around. Roberson will start right away for the Chargers who will need as much help in the secondary to stop Peyton in hopes of winning the division. Roberson is my favorite cornerback in a position where there is no leader in who is the best available.
  23. Philadelphia* (10-6)- Kony Early, DE, Missouri- He has kind of come out of nowhere these last couple of weeks and flew up the draft boards. I don’t expect his stock to go down at all and only rise from here. Early is known for his speed as a defensive end and closing in on whoever had the ball. He is still raw as a pass rusher like most in this draft and could use improvement in that area. The Eagles could really draft any defensive position in this draft and it would be an upgrade. I think Early is a perfect fit for their 3-4 scheme and would really help the Eagles against the run. This is probably a little low for Early, I think he could be the edge rusher the Eagles need.
  24. Kansas City* (11-5)- Eric Erbon, TE, UNC- Was just a huge playmaker for UNC last year and made some catches that made my jaw drop. Erbon does have some dropping issues which is shocking because he is such a playmaker but it exists. Also could use help n blocking but that seems to be a trend for many tight ends now. Kansas City needs an athletic tight end especially with Alex Smith at QB.
  25. Cincinnati* (11-5)- Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michgan State- He is a pesky cornerback who may be the safest CB choice in the draft. Roberson may have more upside but Dennard was the best CB in college football last year. It would have been fun to see him and Allen Robinson go up against each other last year but the big ten scheduling robbed us of that.  Cincy needs to get younger in the secondary and this would help.
  26. Cleveland – from Indianapolis* (11-5)- Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State- I think the Browns go safe here and get Johnny Manziel a target he can trust. They already have their playmaker, Josh Gordon, and now get their possession type receiver in Allen Robinson. Robinson is far advanced when it comes to route running but is limited in potential.
  27. New Orleans* (11-5)- Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State- The Saints biggest need is at the tackle position and I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to trade up. At the position we are in this mock, the Saints help bolster their secondary. It’s the next best thing the Saints can do. Gilbert is tough for me to figure out. I cannot surely say if he will be a good corner in the NFL. I have to keep watching tape I guess.
  28. San Francisco* (12-4)- Kyle Van Noy, DE/OLB, BYU- This may come as a surprise but because it’s the biggest strength of the 49ers, however with Aldon Smith being someone who has multiple off field issues, he could be a nice safety pick.
  29. New England* (12-4)- Zach Martin, OG/OT, Notre Dame- The Pats need to protect Tom Brady much better and Zach’s ability to play anywhere on the line sure helps. He’s a little to small to be a tackle but could be efficient enough at tackle if needed. However he would play OG for the Pats and would be immediate help.
  30. Carolina* (12-4)- Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State- The Panthers should probably address their secondary but also need to find a long term replacement that can develop with Cam. Benjamin may not have the big numbers some of the other WR’s have but he was FSU’s big playmaker this year. Benjamin would draw a lot of attention in Carolina and help Cam have another target.
  31. Denver* (13-3)- CJ Mosley, ILB, Alabama- The strong always seem to get stronger when it comes to drafting. CJ Mosley in most mocks is going top 16, however I have seen a trend of ILB’s continually dropping in the draft and I could see the same happening to Mosley. The Broncos should not be starting Wesley Woodyard.
  32. Seattle* (13-3)- Austin Seferian-Jenkins- Some had this man as a top 10 pick coming into the year but, Jenkins did not have a good year. The offense seemed to have forgotten about his passed play and he was not thrown the ball as much. Russell Wilson needs a TE that he can rely on and Jenkins brings that reliability to him.

Round 2


  1. Houston (2-14)- A.J. Mccarron, QB, Alabama- I debated Taj Boyd and Aj here for a while however I think the Texans will want the more stable of the two. Mccarron brings a leader to the locker room who might not have all the talent but could bring stability to the QB position for the Texans.
  2. Washington (3-13)- DE Benardrick McKinney, Mississippi State – Most likely the Redskins will need to draft a pass rusher due to the fact every single linebacker that played for them last year will be a free agent. They also have needs at the WR position and on the offensive line but I expect them to address that later in the draft. The Cornerback position is in need of an upgrade as well but, it seems like free agency is the way they will fix that. Mckinney could go in the end of the first round like any prospect in the second round but this seems like an great fit.
  3. Cleveland (4-12)- Ryan Shazier, LB, Ohio State- Cleveland is pretty set on defense but, after finding their new QB and WR tandem an upgrade on defense couldn’t hurt. Keeping Shazier in the state of Ohio.
  4. Oakland (4-12)- Lache Seastrunk, RB, Baylor- Oakland will most likely let Mcfadden walk at the end of the year due to his injury issues and Lache will provide some set of stability. Seastrunk and Jennings would make a nice tandem in the Oakland backfield.
  5. Atlanta (4-12)- Timmy Jernigan, DT, Florida State- Blocking for Matt Ryan is an issue but they should really work on that in free agency. Timmy Jernigan is a guy whose name may be shooting up draft boards soon but for now is an early second round pick. Jernigan and Barr are two guys that would dramatically change their defense.
  6. Tampa Bay (4-12)- Trent Murphy, DE, Stanford- Lovie Smith loves defense and will try to make the best defense possible. They have two Des (Clayborn and Bowers) who have underperformed down in Tamp and Trent Murphy could help out the situation.
  7. Jacksonville (4-12)- Tre Mason, RB, Auburn- Bye Bye MJD will need to find a replacement.
  8. Minnesota (5-10-1)- Antonio Richardson, OT, Tennessee- Vikings need help on the offensive line and Richardson is a great fit.
  9. Buffalo (6-10)- Cyril Richardson, Baylor, OG-Buffalo really misses Adam Levitre and needs to upgrade the guard position.
  10. Tennessee (7-9)- Kadeem Carey, RB, Arizona- Bye Chris Johnson. Most likely to be cut and would make a great backfield mate with Shonn Greene.
  11. New York Giants (7-9)- Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB, Oregon- Giants draft needs are everwhere so best player available is the way to go here.
  12. St. Louis (7-9)- Anthony Johnson DT, LSU- Rams have great defensive ends but the tackles need some depth.
  13. Detroit (7-9)-Travis Swanson, C, Arkansas- Have had the same center for about 15 years now or atleast it seems.
  14. Pittsburgh (8-8)- Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt- Steelers may lose Sanders to free agency leaving a whole at the wideout position.
  15. Dallas (8-8)- Aaron Mcdonald, DT, Pitt- Dallas will have a bunch of holes after this year and can use players all over.
  16. Baltimore (8-8)- Davante Adams, WR, Fresno State-  Baltimore really needs to find a number 1 guy since Torrey Smith is not a number 1 receiver so maybe Adams can be that guy.
  17. New York Jets (8-8)- Dion Bailey, S, USC- Only weakness on the Jets defense last year was at the safety position.
  18. Miami (8-8)- Xavier Su’a –Filo, OG, UCLA- Need as much line help as possible to let Tannehill have time.
  19. Chicago (8-8)- Craig Loston, S, LSU- Chris Conte, May have been the worst safety in the NFL last year. That is all.
  20. Arizona (10-6)- James Hurst, OT, UNC- Got hurt in the bowl game but will be ready. Reunited with ex teammate Jonathan Cooper.
  21. Green Bay* (8-7-1)-Corey Robinson, OT, South Carolina- Green Bay always seems to have injuries on the line so bringing in another one cannot hurt them.
  22. San Diego* (9-7)- Jefferson Jeffercoat, DE, Texas- Another guy I expect to make a huge jump after the combine who is projected low.
  23. Philadelphia* (10-6)- Brandin Cook, WR, Oregon State- Will be the Eagles new number 2 with Cooper and Maclin being free agents. Expect Cooper to be back though.
  24. San Francisco – Kansas City* (11-5)- Loucheiz Purifoy, CB, Florida- The most gifted corner out of this entire group. It seems like the effort isn’t there for him. San Fran takes a risk on a guy that could be an elite talent in the NFL if he works for it.
  25. Indianapolis* (11-5)- Jason Verrett, CB, TCU- Colts secondary got destroyed by teams all year and improvement needs to be done.
  26. New Orleans* (11-5)- La’el Collins, OG/OT, LSU- Has yet to declare so he may be taken out soon but has a heap of talent.
  27. Cincinnati* (11-5)- Shayne Skov, ILB, Stanford- This would be a dream come true to have my two favorite ILB’s on the same team. Also Maualagu needs to be out of the NFL.
  28. San Francisco* (12-4)- Scott Critchon, DE, Oregon State- Need to find someone who can eventually replace Justin Smith.
  29. Carolina* (12-4)- Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech- Carolina has one decent corner and one terrible one. Upgrade needed.
  30. New England* (12-4)-Brandon Coleman, WR, Rutgers- Bill loves him some Rutgers players and wouldn’t be surprised if he brought Schiano on board.
  31. Denver* (13-3)- Brandon Roby, CB, Ohio State- Corners have been flying off the board and won’t stop at Denver due to Bailey becoming a granpa soon.
  32. Seattle* (13-3)- Ego Ferguson, DT, LSU- Seattle likes to rotate their players a bunch and Ego brings youth.



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