Chris Paul vs. Tony Parker 2013 Statistical Comparison


Chris Paul and Tony Parker undoubtedly in my opinion, were the top two point guards in the league this season, with Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry, and Kyrie Irving rounding out my top 5.

These statistics are from the 2012-2013 regular season.

Also Tony Parker played 66 games, while CP3 played 70…. so take in account that CP3 had four more games to compile numbers that Tony did not. Statistics only tell part of the story but it is a good indication on who was productive on the court. I researched these stats on my own.



Points per game) Tony: 20.3 CP3: 16.9

Games with 20 points or more) Tony: 39 times CP3: 22 times

Games with 25 points or more) Tony: 16 times CP3: 9 times

Games with 30 points or more) Tony: 10 times CP3: 2 times

Games shooting 50% or higher, min. of 10 attempts) Tony: 38 times CP3: 32 times

Games shooting 55% or higher, min of 10 attempts) Tony: 27 times CP3: 18 times

Games shooting 60% or higher, min of 10 attempts) Tony: 16 times CP3: 10 times

Percentage of team’s points) The Clippers scored a total of 8,289 points. Chris Paul scored a total of 1186 points. That is 14% of the team’s points. The Spurs scored a total of 8,448 points. Tony Parker scored a total of 1341 points. That is 15% of the team’s points.

Not only did Tony Parker score more per game than Chris Paul, he was also more efficient from the field when taking ten shot attempts or more.

Shooting- These stats are from HoopData. At rim means right underneath the rim(ex: putbacks, layups) 3 to 9 feet away from the rim shots (ex: floaters) etc.

At Rim shooting) Tony: 245/356. 68% CP3: 105/151. 69%

From 3 to 9 feet) Tony: 77/154. 50% CP3: 48/87. 55%

From 10 to 15 ft) Tony: 48/104. 46% CP3: 60/120. 50%

From 16 to 23 ft) Tony: 122/277. 44% CP3: 120/240. 50%

Three point shot) Tony: 24/68. 35% CP3: 76/232. 32%

Although Tony has lower percentages than CP3 in “at rim” shooting and “3-9 feet”, CP3 shot in those areas at a lower rate, giving him an advantage. Tony shot and made at a higher rate.

CP3 is the slightly superior shooter from 10 feet and further.


Assists per game) Tony: 7.6 CP3: 9.7

Games with 7 assists or more) Tony: 42 times CP3: 59 times

Games with 10 assists or more) Tony: 17 times CP3: 35 times

Games with 12 assists or more) Tony: 5 times CP3: 20 times

Games with 15 assists or more) Tony: 0 times CP3: 5 times

Games with 2 turnovers or less) Tony: 35 times CP3: 32 times

Games with 4 turnovers or more) Tony: 23 times CP3: 14 times

Assist to turnover ratio) Tony: 2.94 CP3: 4.26

CP3 was the more effective passer during the 2012-2013 regular season. He also did a great job of
keeping his assists high and turnovers low.

The Spurs had a total of 2058 assists. Tony Parker had 499 assists by himself. That’s 24% of team’s assists. The Clippers had a total of 1958 assists. Chris Paul had 678 assists by himself. That’s 34% of the team’s assists.

Rebounding- Although rebounding is not a huge aspect of a point guard’s game, it is a good benchmark for who’s exerting more energy on the court.

Rebounds per game) Tony: 3.0 CP3: 3.7

Games with 3 rebounds or more) Tony: 37 times CP3: 60 times

Games with 5 rebounds or more) Tony: 10 times CP3: 25 times

Games with 7 rebounds or more) Tony: 1 time CP3: 4 times

Clearly, Chris Paul was the better rebounder this season.


Steals per game) Tony: 0.82 CP3: 2.41(led league)

Games with 2 steals or more) Tony: 16 times CP3: 46 times

Games with 5 steals or more) Tony: 0 times CP3: 18 times

CP3 had more games with 5 steals or more than Tony Parker did games with two steals or more.

Free throw-

Free Throw %) Tony: 84% CP3: 88%

Free throws made) Tony: 279 CP3: 286

Games with 5 made free throws or more) Tony: 36 times CP3: 27 times

Games with 7 made free throws or more) Tony: 21 times CP3: 15 times

Games with 10 made free throws or more) Tony: 5 times CP3: 4 times

Although CP3 made seven more free throws, Tony Parker frequently had more games with five, seven, and ten or more free throws.


Double-doubles) Tony: 17 CP3: 31

Triple-doubles) Tony: 1 CP3: 0

PER) Tony: 23.1 CP3: 26.4

Win Shares) Tony: 9.3 CP3: 10.6

Plus/Minus) Tony: +448 CP3: +432 (net points (+/-) for the team while the player was on the floor.)

Usage Rate) Tony: 26.6 CP3: 23.9 (the number of possessions a player uses per 40 minutes.)

Record as starter) Tony: 47-19 (71%) CP3: 50-20(71%)

I don’t have synergy sports or sport-vu, so I didn’t have access to cool stats in the pick-n-roll, post-ups, catch and shoot, etc. I’ll probably purchase that in the future but, I hope you enjoyed my first player comparison. More to come.

Jalen Bishop

Twitter @JaY19NY


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