2013 Final NFL Mock Draft

J.D. Hogan’s Final NFL Mock Draft

– This year’s draft may the toughest to read in terms of which way teams are looking and how much they value and covet each prospect. Players that are viewed as a top 10 player by one team may be viewed as a second day option by others. It’s a deep draft but not one with anyone who is a clear cut gamer. The goal most of the time is to get around 80 of the 100 people picked in the first 100 right. Meaning them going before pick 100 is done. Since this is my first time doing an expanded draft i’m looking to get around 75. But enough talk here it is
Round 1

1.Kansas City (2-14) Eric Fisher Central Michigan OT– The Chiefs now have their QB by acquiring Alex Smith from the 49ers for their second round pick. (Or so their fans can hope, Matt Cassel sure didn’t pan out). So now they can turn to other needs to address. The Chiefs have a glaring need at one of the tackle positions and will most likely look to draft a tackle here. There have been rumors that the Chiefs are shopping LT Brandon Albert to a team like the Dolphins for a second round pick. If they do end up doing this there is no doubt in my mind they take Fisher now that it has been reported. It has been reported that they will take and i just changed my pick from Joeckel.

February’s mock- Luke Joeckel

2. Jacksonville (2-14)Dion Jordan Oregon DE/OLB– Right now as it stands Jacksonville and the New York Jets are the two most dysfunctional franchises in the NFL. The Jaguars have huge needs all over the field and could go many ways with this pick. However, the Jaguars have the perfect need with the perfect player to fit that need on their team. That being person being Din Jordan. He is an athletic freak and can play all over the field. This is exactly what Gus Bradley wants on his defense as he is a coach who loves fast players who can fly all over the field. There is depth in this draft and with many teams with many needs these teams with the top picks should think about trading back. That being said I don’t see the Jags moving back because of how bad they need someone like Jordan on the defensive end. I wouldn’t be shocked however since this is a new regime and has no ties to the QB Blaine Gabbert if they took Geno Smith. There is a huge buzz around him in the Jags camp.

February’s Mock- Star Lotulelei Utah DT

3.Oakland (4-12) Sharrif Floyd Florida DT Had Al Davis been making this pick instead of Reggie McKenzie there is no doubt in my mind it would be Mingo or Tavon Austin. Thankfully Reggie is there now and Al Davis wouldn’t be ruining another draft. The Raiders instead have decided that Matt Flynn will be their guy at QB this year and have made 8 changes to their defense. This may be the first team we see to move back and certainly not the last. The raiders may swap picks with the Eagles if the Eagles covet Eric Fisher that much or you may see them trade this pick to the Lions or Cardinals. If they do move back look for them to target someone like Sheldon Richardson, Dee Milliner, or Star Lotulelei for their biggest need a DT. However a pick must be made here and I believe that if they keep this pick it will be Shariff Floyd. Floyd is a disruptive defensive tackle who actually gets to the quarterback unlike most. He is a rare talent when it comes to getting to the QB and would be a great fit for that Raiders new defense.

February’s Mock- Sharrif Floyd

4.Philadelphia (4-12) Star Lotulelei Utah DT– The second consecutive team that could look to trade their pick and also the biggest wild card in this draft. Questions like do they covet Luke Joeckel enough to draft him as a right tackle (Michael Vick’s blind side), do they trade back to acquire more picks, are they looking to draft someone to fit their new 3-4, and lastly could this pick be Geno? Chip Kelly can go so many ways with this pick and this is the one that affects the entire draft with the way players fall. The Eagles, if they have a desire to draft Fisher may try and move up a spot in order to lock him in as their pick. If not the Eagles could look to trade back and look at people like Star or someone like Dee Milliner. They would be trading back to a team who would most likely want to draft Geno.  However a pick must be made at this spot for the Eagles because it’s the spot they currently hold and it comes down to Luke Joeckel or Star.Luke Joeckel  would make sense here since he would be blocking Mike Vick’s blind side but it’ what Chip Kelly recently said that makes me think it’ll be Star. He said he wants a bigger and more explosive defense. Kelly would obviously love if Dion Jordan fell to him as he was an ex player of Kelly’s who fits that bill perfectly but, Chip has seen what Star did in his one year in the PAC 12 and had to be impressed.

February’s mock- Eric Fisher

5. Detroit (4-12)Luke Joeckel Texas A&M OT – The Lions released Kyle Vanden Bosch, and Cliff Avril did not live up to his expectations at all this year. With an interior line that could be elite with the right pass rush I would expect them to draft a pass rusher. A wide receiver to go along with Calvin Johnson is all of a sudden a need with the loss of Titus Young (A loss of talent, not a loss of a player since he was more of a plague than anything). They also just recently got a need at the tackle spot since Jeff Backus decided to retire abruptly. Lastly possibly their biggest need is in the secondary. They have struggled mightily for the last couple year at this position and Milliner would be the perfect fill. With a bunch of need the Lions will approach this draft with the best player available approach. Someone like Luke Joeckel, who was considered to be a possible overall number 1 pick, is just too good to pass up at the 5 spot. They get a guy who will give Stafford more time to throw in the pocket. I wouldn’t be shocked if a team , if Joeckel is available at 4 to trade with the Eagles to leap frog the Lion in order to get Fisher, he is that good.

February Mock-Ezekiel Ansah

6. Cleveland (5-11) – Ziggy Ansah BYU DE/OLB The Browns usher in an entire new regime and no one is really safe on this team other than their big three (Joe Thomas, Joe Haden and Trent Richardson). This also can be a pick that could be traded back for a team that has a need at offensive tackle (Miami and San Diego). Obviously one can tell Brandon Weeden just never had pro talent at either sport he tried and maybe he should try golf. They will definitely think about Geno Smith if he does fall to them and I see them as a sleeper to take him. They just recently picked up Jason Campbell as a free agent so this may reduce the chance of drafting Geno even more. The Browns spent a huge amount of money this offseason in order to acquire pass rushers but may still be a need. Also Jabaal Sheard is expected to be traded now. Due to this recent finding I see them taking Ziggy Ansah. Ziggy can go opposite of Paul Kruger and be an immediate impact on the pass rush for the Browns.

February mock-Damontre Moore

7. Arizona (5-11) Barkevious Mingo LSU DE/OLBThe Cardinals were part of the QB carousel this offseason. They picked up Carson Palmer and now will be looking to find him protection. They have a need at the RB position due to the injuries their running backs seem to pile up every year (Suns training staff where are you?) but the biggest need on the offensive line. Eric Fisher dropping to them would obviously be ideal however not happening (however the GM believes that they are fine at the tackle position and are only looking for guards). They are another team that may look to trade back due to the need at offensive guard and that is not a position that is picked in the top 10. Also would not be shocked if they decided to go all out and take Tyler Eifert to give Carson Palmer an actually option to throw to at the tight end position. The Cards also need a pass rusher opposite of Sam Acho which is why I have them taking Mingo. Although Mingo didn’t put up the numbers in college most fans would want to see, the pro scouts love his talent. He seems to me to be very undersized as a prospect and I don’t like him as a player however it fits a need for the Cardinals at this spot. ( I expect the Cardinals to trade back and draft Warmack, but I’m just a college student not a GM so what do I know)

February Mock- Geno Smith

8. Buffalo (6-10)Ryan Nassib Syracuse QB Buffalo also has a new head coach and another team that is looking for a franchise QB in the wrong draft. Sadly, Fitzpatrick did not live up to expectations after his great start two years ago. They have been linked to Ryan Nassib due to his connection with Bills coach Doug Marrone. I just don’t see him going in the first round. If anything a move into the late first to get him (Then again Christian Steele, I mean Christian Ponder went 12th overall and I thought he was second round talent if that). But the Jets now made what I like to think is a smart move and told people they are very high on Nassib forcing the Bills to draft him here. The Bills have other things to address in this draft. They also have a need for a Wide receiver to line up opposite of Stevie Johnson but you are not going to get the value you want with this pick if that’s the case. Only person with that value is Tavon Austin but due to his and Spiller’s similarities they will back off so I see Buffalo taking the best player available. If I’m the Bills I’m taking a hard look at offensive. D.J Fluker a person who can play both guard and tackle seems like the perfect fit or even Chance Warmack to fill the void Adam Levitre left leaving for the Titans in free agency.  The pick I’ve been saying here is taking Eifert here and taking a QB in the second because he is such a talented tight end but it seems this pick of Nassib is basically a lock.

February Mock- Coradelle Patterson

9. New York Jets (6-10) – Tavon Austin West Virginia WR Oh my Jets. Let’s take a quick look at the teams needs; QB, RB, WR, TE, LG, RG, RT, DE, DT, OLB, ILB, CB, and FS. Isn’t that the most comforting thing you have seen? This is the work of the “cap master” Mike Tannebaum and getting the Jets 20 million over the cap. Now the jets could draft almost any position in this draft and it would be seen as an immediate improvement. I would suggest skipping over Geno and waiting for next year. There is just so much to improve and work on that they could take anyone here. I decided to take the player that can affect a game the most. Tavon Austin brings that versatile player that can break one loose every time. Although he may not be getting valedictorian at West Virginia (He scored a 7 on his Wonderlic test) he finds the ends zone no problem. A receiving core of Tavon, Holmes, Kerley, and possibly Edwards doesn’t look so bad anymore. Moving forward that gives either Manziel or Bridgewater some pretty good targets moving forward and hopefully Stephen Hill develops. Also wouldn’t be shocked if they went with Eifert here either due to their need at tight end. This pick will come down to Austin, Jarvis Jones and Mingo if he is a available.

February mock- Dion Jordan

10. Tennessee (6-10)Dee Milliner Alabama CB Tennessee last year wanted to take a corner however all of them were taken by the time it was their pick. This year playmaking corner has the chance to drop to them and I don’t think they could pass that up. Milliner is getting questioned about not putting up huge CB numbers in college but his performance in the combine solidified him being the first CB taken. That being said they have stated the want to bolster the offensive line to help Chris Johnson. So don’t be shocked if Lane Johnson gets taken here since the management may feel pressure to help find blockers for Johnson and Locker.

February Mock- Dee Milliner

11. San Diego (7-9) Lane Johnson Oklahoma OT Chargers are a team that has a QB that is supposed to be in his prime but seemed to regress big time last season. It was not all his fault, since he couldn’t get a pass of due to his porous offensive line that couldn’t block a 10 by 10 doorway if they tried together. This is a glaring weakness for the Chargers. They also have a weakness at the pass rushing position but that should be addressed later on. The team should also spend a mid round pick on a WR if Danario cannot hold up this year like history has proven with him. The chargers are in absolute love with Lane Johnson and this is the perfect fit for them and they may just draft him right away instead of wasting the 5 minutes they are given to contemplate the pick.

February Mock- Chance Warmack

12. Miami (7-9) Xavier Rhodes Florida State CB– Miami is a team who I see having a pretty bright future. They made an absolute killing in free agency this year and got some big pieces. Seems like management is going all out this year. (eerily similar to the Jets in 2009) They have a good QB in Tannehill (he needed time to develop as a QB because of his first two seasons as a WR in college) a decent running game, good blocking (pending the Albert trade) and a pretty good defense. However they are lacking a second pass rusher and also could use an upgrade at the defensive tackle spot. Along with a small need at the second corner back spot. Don’t be surprised if the pick is Jonathan Cooper because they love his versatility. However Miami surprises some people here with Xavier Rhodes. The duo of him and Brent Grimes (A small physical corner) Allows them to press teams and have Rhodes cover the bigger receivers and let Grimes take on the speedy ones.

February Mock-Keenan Allen

13. New York JetsJarvis Jones Georgia OLB The second pick of the Jets that I think they should also look to move back to look to acquire even more picks. They need all the young talented players they can get and getting more picks is the only way to do that. Tavon Austin could still be available here so even trading the 9th shouldn’t be ruled out. The Jets could go many ways here with this pick as well. Tyler Eifert would be a great way to have young targets for the QB they draft next year. The Jets could look to take a pass rusher like Jarvis Jones who can come in right away and make an immediate impact on the defense. But I believe they will look to offensive line for this pick. It comes down to what they want to do. They could take DJ Fluker and finally solidify the RT position. However the team has faith in Austin Howard for some reason (Don’t get me wrong he was a great upgrade over Wayne Hunter but so would I and I weigh a cool 165).  Austin Howard is a good run blocker maybe try him at RG but he is not good at pass blocking at all. He was responsible for the QB being hit 20 times this year (10 sacks, 10 hurries). This is unacceptable. I think the Jets could end up Jonathan Cooper here. He’s a super athletic guard who can also be the backup center in case god forbid Mangold is hurt. The Jets could put him at right or left guard and he would come in and be a huge upgrade right way. However Jarvis Jones is perfect for the Jets. Since the Jets missed out on Mingo (thank god) they take a proven pass rusher (granted he played for a stout defense in college).

February mock- Johnathan Banks

14. Carolina (7-9) Kenny Vaccaro Texas S the Panthers run defense was awful last year and that’s me being nice. It was like Vin Diesel trying to sing Rihanna. (Oh wait he did that) anyway the team could go after a number two receiver or address their need at the safety position as well. I choose to pick Vaccaro here due to the fact the Panthers haven’t been impressed with top DT Sheldon Richardson. Vaccaro is the top safety available and bring a serious upgrade to a position that needs one. He is a ball hawking safety in a division that loves to throw the ball

February mock- Sheldon Richardson

15. New Orleans (7-9) – Sheldon Richardson Missouri DT– The Saints are switching their defense to a 3-4 this year which means that they will have needs on defense. Offense they were fine as they were scoring points but the other teams were just scoring more. Will Smith has been absolutely terrible since getting his huge contract and is in a fast decline. Like the Chargers they will be licking their chops if Sheldon Richardson falls to them.

February Mock- Bjoern Werner

16. St. Louis (7-8-1) – Jonathan Cooper UNC OG -The Rams have had a serious need on the offensive line ever since Sam Bradford has got there (the poor guy).  However signing Jake Long is a step in the right direction. They also have a need at the safety spot and the front office has come out and said they will look to fix this through the draft. Also the Rams could use a third linebacker but this isn’t as glaring as the other needs. Jonathan Cooper is a person hat can come in play center or guard and make their offensive line much better. Adding Jake Long and Cooper would prove to Bradford that they really do care for his safety instead of eating turf every game.

February mock- Lance Johnson.

17. Pittsburgh (8-8) – Bjoern Werner Florida State OLB/DE– They are getting old on defense, lost Mike Wallace, Mendenhall, and James Harrison, so they are a team that has some needs to get younger at.  Also wouldn’t be a bad idea to start thinking of finding a back-up to Roethlisberger. The Steelers are a team that likes to pick people that proved themselves on the field. Instead of teams that buy into hype of guys’ potential they scout players the right way. A guy who has dropped due to his combine is Bjoern Werner. He was constantly being double teamed and still put up respectable sack numbers. Werner played DE in college but is expected to be a linebacker in the pros due to him losing 20 pounds his senior year. He is a perfect fit for the Steelers system and if the Steelers need him at DE for a little he can play there as well.

February mock-Jarvis Jones

18. Dallas (8-8) – Chance Warmack Alabama OG– Dallas’ line was pretty bad last year at blocking for Tony Romo last year. This along with safety is the only big needs the Cowboys have. They desperately need a guard and luckily in my mock arguably the best one in the draft falls to them. Chance Warmack is so special he could come into the league and be a Pro Bowler in his first year. He is a beast when it comes to run blocking and also is good in the passing game.

February Mock-Kenny Vaccaro

19. New York Giants (9-7) Alec Olgetree Georgia ILB/OLB The Giants on paper are a team that looks like a lock for the playoffs. They have a roster full of guys that can make plays. Their only problem is staying healthy and they could look to for someone who can play multiple positions. When I think of this I have two people in mind. DJ Fluker for their offensive line, he can play both guard and tackle, and Alec Olgetree who can play any of the linebacker positions. They could go after a corner here like DJ Hayden who could be the best corner in this draft. I think the need at linebacker is too strong even with the signing of Dan Connor and they take Olgetree. He is an upgrade at any of the three linebacker positions.

February Mock- Alec Olgetree

20. Chicago (10-6) – DJ Fluker Alabama OT/OG– Everyone and their mom knows where Chicago’s biggest need lies. The team always puts out a stout defense, has a QB who is a top 10 QB when playing at his best a big time RB and a big time receiver. However Jay cutler can’t seem to get it to his weapons because his line is the problem. The Bears may look to find Urlacher’s replacement if they choose not to resign him and could also look to find a second receiver for Jay in the first round. In the second I expect them to go out and get hat linebacker.

February Mock-D.J Fluker

21. Cincinnati* (10-6)Jonathan Cyprien Florida International S–  The Bengals biggest need isn’t something I expect them to address in the first round. The Law firm (Green-Ellis for those of you that have lives) was only good for one thing and that was his ball security. This year he didn’t have that and has become expendable to the Bengals. However, no running back these days gets drafted that early especially when it isn’t that big of a need. Two other areas they should draft remain at either the OLB spot (only person worse than Blackburn was found here Ray Maualuga) or safety (Taylor Mays is the projected started right now, yes USC’s Taylor Mays is still in the NFL). So the player with the most talk about at safety left is Jonathan Cyprien. He didn’t play at a big time school but his stock has risen after teams watch him perform at the combine and watched his tape.

February Mock- Manti Te’o

22. St. Louis-  Matt Elam Florida S St. Louis has their second first round pick and this time they will most likely address the other side of the ball now although don’t rule out a receiver here. They could use someone at the outside linebacker position and as stated before are looking for a young guy at safety. Elam is a physical safety that fits right in with the Rams secondary’s attitude. Elam is a playmaking safety who makes mistakes at times but makes up for them.

February mock- Matt Elam

23. Minnesota* (10-6) Sylvester Williams UNC DT – This team made the playoffs with CHRISTIAN STEELE PONDER as their quarterback. CHRISTIAN PONDER. The man who managed to average less yards per attempt than Peterson had per carry. Now I know Peterson had a historic season but that is just pathetic. Maybe it’s jealousy since he is married to Sam Steele however I just don’t see how he can be a starter in the NFL. If I was the Vikings I would seriously think of drafting a new QB (Geno Smith is available) here. This is unlikely since management has “faith” in him as does his coach. Yea, some quarterback that sat out your biggest game of the year. Other than that rant, the Vikings could use a big upgrade either at the DT position due to old age or cornerback position (where they got toasted at all year) on the defensive side. On offense the only other upgrade would be at receiver. Their two biggest needs (other than QB) though is at CB and DT. I expect them to go after these two positions in the first round. Sylvester Williams is a talented DT who would be great next to Kevin Williams. This makes them have a formidable front four.

February mock- Jonathan Hankins

24. Indianapolis* (11-5) Tank Carradine Florida State DE – The Colts released another Colts legend this year in Dwight Freeney and will look for someone to take over for him. Inside linebacker is their second need but I don’t see one going here this early.  Last draft they picked all offense so don’t be surprised if they do the same for defense this time around.  Tank Carradine can come in and be a disruptive pass rusher the Colts need. He does have an injury issue and didn’t produce as much as one would like for a first round pick but he has the talent.

February mock- Barkevious Mingo

25. Vikings DJ Hayden Houston CB-The Vikings acquired this pick through the Percy Harvin trade and many think they will look to a receiver in the draft. I see a huge whole however in their secondary and think they should draft a corner instead. Hayden suffered a terrible injury this year in college and some thought he wouldn’t play football again. Instead he shot up draft boards after a strong combine and showed teams he is ready for the NFL.

February mock-Zach Ertz (was owned by the Seahawks)

26. Green Bay* (11-5) Datone Jones UCLA DE – The Packers struggled mightily in blocking for Aaron Rodgers this year and I could see them spending their first pick on it since he’s the face of the franchise. They lost Woodson to free agency but have faith in their secondary. A sleeper pick could be taking a receiver since Jennings will most likely be gone as well. Running back has always been a need for them but they seem to like to wait till mid round picks to choose one. However their biggest need to me is on the defensive line. After this season they only have three players locked up and none of them start. That is a serious problem. Datone Jones is a player who could come in and start right way for them. He wasn’t a big name at UCLA but will have a bigger impact at the NFL level.

February mock- Jonathan Hankins

27. Houston* (12-4) Justin Hunter Tennessee WR Houston has 3 big needs. Middle linebacker since Cushing is hurt (Steroids) and Bradie James is a free agent. The second is at the WR position since Johnson is getting old and they have never found a number 2 to play next to him (I personally think they should move up in the 2nd to get one) and the third would be a cornerback. They signed Joseph and he has been good but they do not have anyone to play on the other side with him. I think ultimately the Texans know they need a second WR in order to win and the loss of Kevin Walter just makes it that much more obvious. Justin Hunter in my opinion is the third best WR in this draft but goes here do to his the other WR’s problems (Kennan Allen, I will touch on him later) This gives Andre Johnson the relief he needs.

February mock-Kevin Minter

28. Denver* (13-3) Damontre Moore Texas A&M DE/OLB – One of the two teams that may actually take a running back in the first round due to the need. The fact the team two picks behind them needs one may rush them to take the top one available. They also need a corner back since Champ Bailey is no longer a top corner or a reliable one. He was burned twice in the playoffs and blew that game for them. However the Elvis Dumervil debacle is now the biggest need. There are a couple draft prospects to consider here like Margus Hunt, Damontre Moore or maybe dropping back for more picks. So I have them taking Von Miller’s teammate and someone who will be used to playing opposite him. Moore produced in college last year; however his combine like Jones made his stock fall a little. Tyler Eifert gets passed on again here and I’m starting to feel bad for the guy and this is a mock draft. Maybe ill throw him a bone soon.

February mock-Eddie Lacy

29. New England* (12-4) Desmond Trufant Washington CB They lost Wes Welker leave which means they will need to find a replacement at his position and more importantly what he did (not these past 2 years because that would be dropping passes). They also could always use secondary help since they seem to never improve in that aspect. They resigned Aqib Talib and signed Adrian Wilson but both to short term deals which means the secondary is not saved for the long term. Trufant is a physical short corner (Brother of Marcus) and would start for the Patriots. Knowing the Pats they will not pick here and make some moves but if they are to pick here this is their guy

February Mock-Tavon Austin

30. Atlanta* (13-3) Jamar Taylor Boise State CB– Tony Gonzalez may be gone … oh yea he’s back. So tight end is no longer a need and Tyler Eifert just keeps falling in my draft (in reality if he is to fall to the mid 20s a team WILL trade up for him). The Falcons have two huge needs which is their secondary and the defensive line. Both of which seem to be going fast in my draft. The Falcons have been rumored to try and move up so look for them to do so in order to acquire most likely a defensive end. If they do pick here though Jamar Taylor would the right pick. Although Defensive tackle may be a stronger in the NFC South teams throw the ball too much to risk a pick on a DE that isn’t worth that pick. So instead they take Jamar Taylor, a physical fast corner from Boise that will fill in that second CB role.

February Mock- Sam Montgomery

31. San Francisco* (11-4-1) Tyler Eifert Notre Dame TE – The 49ers have very few needs when it comes to the draft. They did just recently lose Gholson to free agency however and safety could be viewed as a need now for them. Also they could use someone who can fill in for Justin Smith when he starts playing his age instead of a 25 year old stud like he has been the past 3 years. However I’m shocking the world with this one. The 49ers go tight end here. Who is the coach of the 49ers again? Oh right Jim Harbaugh and he loves these two tight end sets. The duo of Eifert and Davis would give teams more of a nightmare than ever to play the 49ers. Just thinking about it scares me how good of an offense they would have.

February mock- Desmond Trufant

32. Baltimore* (10-6) Kennan Allen Cal WR – Baltimore ofocurse could use a replacement for Ray Lewis, but that’s not how the best G.M in the NFL does. He will choose someone who stock fell for the wrong reason or a player that talent was look passed. He seems to do this every year. He could go after a safety to replace hall of famer Ed Reed here and take Eric Reid. He could try and bolster that offensive line that lost Bryant McKinnie this and take Menelik Watson or Justin Pugh. However I see them taking a WR here. Ozzie Newsome is a pure genius and knows talent when he sees it. I believe he just laughs at teams that constantly pick in the top ten and licks his lips when his guys fall to him Kennan Allen is the best WR in this draft and it isn’t close. I tell people all the time I hate comparisons and when people do I cringe. A Player is not any other player but himself. However I see so much Brandon Marshall in the way Kennan plays it’s crazy. The man is a big body that can run after the catch and will help save, yes I said save, Torrey Smith from being completely exposed as a number one receiver.

February mock- John Jenkins

Remaining 68 picks

  1. Jacksonville (2-14)-Blidi Wreh Wilson Uconn CB (What an awesome name to start the second round)
  2. San Francisco – from Kansas City (2-14)- Margus Hunt SMU DE/OLB ( The trend continues)
  3. Philadelphia (4-12)- Geno Smith West Virginia QB (BOOO the run is short lived)
  4. Detroit (4-12)- Coradelle Patterson Tennessee WR (can it restart?)
  5. Cincinnati – from Oakland (4-12)-Justin Pugh Syracuse OT (OK I’m done with the awesome name streak it’s too late at night I’m tired)
  6. Arizona (5-11)- Eric Reid LSU S
  7. New York Jets (6-10)- Menelik Watson Florida State OT
  8. Tennessee (6-10)- Johnathan Jenkins Georgia DT
  9. Buffalo (6-10)- DeAndre Hopkins Clemson WR
  10. Miami (7-9)- Zach Ertz Stanford TE
  11. Tampa Bay (7-9)- Manti T’eo ( Formerly known as Lennay Kekua) ILB Notre Dame
  12. Carolina (7-9)- Jessie Williams Alabama NT
  13. San Diego (7-9)-  Larry Warford Kentucky OG
  14. St. Louis (7-8-1)- Robert Woods USC WR
  15. Dallas (8-8)- Kwann Short Purdue DT
  16. Pittsburgh (8-8)- Eddie Lacy Alabama RB
  17. New York Giants (9-7)- Johnathan Banks Mississippi State CB
  18. Chicago (10-6)- Arthur Brown Kansas State ILB
  19. Washington* (10-6)- Kevin Minter LSU ILB
  20. Minnesota* (10-6)- Markus Wheaton Oregon State WR
  21. Cincinnati* (10-6)- Giovanni Benard UNC RB
  22. Miami – from Indianapolis* (11-5)- Kyle Long Oregon OG
  23. Green Bay* (11-5)- Terron Armstead Arkansas Pine-Bluff OT
  24. Seattle* (11-5)- Brandon Jenkins Florida OLB/DE
  25. Houston* (12-4)- EJ Manuel Florida State QB
  26. Denver* (13-3)- Matt Barkely USC QB
  27. New England* (12-4)- Quinton Patton Louisiana Tech WR
  28. Atlanta* (13-3)- Alex Okafor Texas DE
  29. San Francisco* (11-4-1)- DJ Swearinger South Carolina S
  30. Baltimore* (10-6)- Dallas Thomas Tennessee OG/T
  31. Kansas City (2-14)- Terrence Williams Baylor WR
  32. Jacksonville (2-14)- Tyler Wilson Arkansas QB
  33. Detroit (4-12)- Tyrann Mathieu LSU CB
  34. Oakland (4-12)- Darius Slay Mississippi State CB
  35. Philadelphia (4-12)-  David Bakhtiari Colorado OT
  36. Cleveland (5-11)- Johnathan Franklin UCLA RB
  37. Arizona (5-11)- Montee Ball Wisconsin RB
  38. Tennessee (6-10)- Travis Fredrick Wisconsin C
  39. Buffalo (6-10)- Robert Alford SELA CB
  40. New York Jets (6-10)- Brandon Williams MOS DT
  41. Tampa Bay (7-9)- Gavin Escobar San Diego State TE
  42. San Francisco – from Carolina (7-9)- Matt Scott Arizona QB
  43. New Orleans (7-9)- Khaseem Greene Rutgers OLB
  44. San Diego (7-9)- Andre Ellington Clemson RB
  45. Miami (7-9)- Christine Michael Texas A&M RB
  46. St. Louis (7-8-1)- Corey Lemonier OLB/DE Auburn
  47. Pittsburgh (8-8)- Tyler Bray Tennessee QB
  48. Dallas (8-8)- Vance McDonald Rice TE
  49. New York Giants (9-7)- Stedman Bailey West Virginia WR
  50. Miami – from Chicago (10-6)- Johnathan Hankins Ohio State DT
  51. Minnesota* (10-6)- Kevin Reddick UNC ILB 
  52. Cincinnati* (10-6)- Brain Winters Kent State OG
  53. Washington* (10-6)- Travis Kelce Cincinnati TE
  54. Indianapolis* (11-5)-  Sharmarko Thomas Syrcause S
  55. Seattle* (11-5)- Jordan Reed Florida TE
  56. Green Bay* (11-5)- Marcus Lattimore South Carolina RB
  57. Houston* (12-4)- Logan Ryan Rutgers CB
  58. Denver* (13-3)- Devin Taylor South Carolina DE
  59. New England* (12-4)-  Jon Bostic ILB Florida
  60. Atlanta* (13-3)- Jaime Collins DE/OLB Southern Miss
  61. San Francisco* (11-4-1)- TJ McDonald USC S
  62. Baltimore* (10-6)- Jordan Poyer Oregon State CB
  63. Houston (compensatory)-  Aaron Dobson Marshall WR
  64. Kansas City (compensatory)- Mike Gillislee Florida RB
  65. Tennessee (compensatory)-Brian Schwenke Cal C
  66. Jacksonville-Sio Moore Uconn OLB
  67. Kansas City- William Gholson DE Michigan State
  68. Oakland- Cornelius Washington Georgia DE

Late people to watch for- Barrett Jones, Knile Davis,Akeem Spence Illinois DT , Tavares King, Duron Carter (just because its Chris Carters son) Da’rick Rogers, Mike Catapano (Fan Favorite) AJ Klein, Duke Williams Bacarri Rambo,Kiko Alonso Oregon ILB


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