Pacers vs. Hawks 2013 Playoff Series Questions

The 2013 NBA Playoffs begin Saturday. The Pacers-Hawks is the most boring NBA playoff matchup on television.

Indiana Pacers v Atlanta Hawks

1.) NBA TV only please!

Not really a question but, there is only one scheduled NBA TV game for this series. Games 5,6,7 are TBD for television coverage. This game should not reach my eyes on ESPN or TNT.

2.) Josh Smith Free Agency Bid

Again not really a question. This series will be Josh Smith’s campaign for a max contract in July. Will Josh Smith show sorry ass NBA teams his hidden dream shaking post game? or lay bricks 20 feet away from the basket to build to his new home in another city. I’ll go with the second part. Poor Al Horford.

3.) Jeff Teague vs. Lance Stephenson

Teague and Stephenson are two of the league’s bright, upcoming new guards who have improved their play tremendously over the past year. Teague bumped his assist total to 7.2 to this season after just putting up 4.9 per game last season. Teague is a decent scorer while Stephenson is an intense, angry Brooklyn Native who looks pissed all the time and an excellent defender. Stephenson vs. Teague will be a fun watch.

4.) Will Roy Hibbert average ten points a game?

This is a serious question. In 4 games against the Hawks this season he averaged 9.5 points. Hibbert barely put up twelve points a game(11.8 on season) and shot 44%. He is 7-2 and a terrible finisher. As good as a defender as he is, his offense hurts the human eye and I ‘m not sure who’s bricks are funnier.. Josh Smith’s or Roy Hibbert’s

5.) Will Hawks fans attend the game?

No. This is the worst fan base in sports. Every game seems like home game for the away team. Every time the Heat come to Atlanta it looks like a “white hot Heat night.” #AtlantaToSacramento


Lance Stephenson throws up another choke sign, this time to Josh Smith. Josh Smith gets high before Game 3. Philip’s Arena averages 8,000 fans per game.

Pacers in 5


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