Bulls vs. Nets 2013 Playoff Series Questions

The 2013 NBA Playoffs begin Saturday. The Bulls and Nets are playing to lose to Miami in the second round.

Chicago Bulls v Brooklyn Nets

1.) Does Deron Williams continue his tear on Kirk Hinrich?

Deron may have won himself an all-NBA team selection just by his second half of the season(24.6pts, 8.2asts 52%fg, 40%3pt last ten games). Kirk is an extremely( I mean extremely) underrated on-ball defender. He is capable defending bigger or quicker guards, and is definitely up to the task of defending Deron.

2.) Does Carlos Boozer save himself from an amnesty?

18.2pts 12.3rebs 3.6asts on 47% shooting in April. I want Boozer to get amnestied so bad. He is doing every he can so that doesn’t happen. He has filled in the role as the top rebounder nicely ever since Noah has been out. Boozer is the only capable scorer from the block on the Bulls, so he might have to play a sort of like Dwight Howard role from 2009. Not saying he can be Howard but, he has been passing well as of late.

3.) The Brook Lopez show

In 3 games against the Bulls he put up 22.0ppg on 52% shooting. This is impressive because the Bulls are third in points allowed this season. It will be interesting to watch if he takes advantage of his clear mismatch against anyone Thibs puts on him. With Noah out, expect Brook to quiet his “soft” label by teaching Boozer the baseline reverse dunk.

4.) Over/under ten television “F” bombs from Coach Thibs

That might significantly low. If this series lasts six or seven games we could easily see Thibs cursing out refs, shitting on Boozer help defense, and just yelling for no reason.

5.) Who wants to advance and get swept by Miami first?

This is the real the question.


Boozer gets amnestied after game 4. Jay Z drugs the halftime performer prior to the game with the kilo he was going to give Chief Keef and puts Blue Ivy Carter at half court for the halftime show. People still watch for fifteen minutes

Nets in 7


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