The Death of Georgetown Basketball



VCU, Butler, and Memphis have been more successful in the tournament than Georgetown. These programs do not have history and rich tradition Georgetown does. These programs do not have the luxury of bringing in decorated recruits just on school name. These programs also do not spend money the way Georgetown does for it’s basketball team,and they have had more postseason success than the Hoyas. Georgetown has the 27th highest basketball revenue in the nation(10,0714,618). Why people spend money to watch a team play above average in conference play, then get romped in the tournament, I could not tell you.

They also have the audacity to make you donate $500 to their program for premium seating, Big East tournament ticket priority and NCAA tournament priority. I called their ticket office to see available NCAA and Big East tournament ticket packages for students. The guy on the phone told me, “Sorry man, there are no tickets available to students unless you donated $500 to the basketball program or buy of ticket master”. This is a team that has not won a Big East championship since 2007. This is a team that also hasn’t seen the final four since 2007. This is a program that has the nerve to set up their ticketing options for donators only.

Let’s compare some VCU, Butler, and Memphis’ tournament results since 2008 with Georgetown’s.

  • Butler is 12-5 in the tournament since 2008 and two national championship appearances.
  • Memphis is 8-5 in the tournament since 2008 and has a national championship appearance.
  • VCU is 7-4 since 2008 and one final four appearance.
  • Georgetown is 2-5 since 2008 and zero final four appearances.

2-5? That’s a 28% winning percentage. Way below average. A pathetic resume for a program with so much “history”.

Georgetown brings in three and four star recruits consistently every year. Why can’t John Thompson get the best out of his recruits every year? Because he sucks. His Princeton offense sucks. Jalen you know nothing about basketball, the Princeton offense is great for a team with this much talent. Florida Gulf Coast was able to disrupt and beat your Princeton offense. The Princeton offense is for teams who suck and need a way to stay in games against the Goliaths in college basketball. Mr. Thompson, you were not able motivate your team at halftime to pull out this win. You were not able to take away FGCU’s strengths with your superior players at every position. Finally Mr. Thompson, you also couldn’t draw up plays for your superstar Otto Porter to get into the paint for easy. Instead of doing any of what I stated above, you let your team shoot 27 threes –missing 20 of them. Plus allowing 54 points in the second half. John Thompson you suck.

The Hoyas are the first team to be eliminated in four straight NCAA tournaments by a team seeded at least five spots lower(per ESPN stats and info). But hey we had Ewing and AI! Your almost like your dad who screwed up the 1988 Olympic team.

Here are some excerpts of from Peter Keating’s “Why Georgetown is worst ‘Giant’ Ever”

“In 2008, the Hoyas, a No. 2 seed, led the country by allowing opponents an effective field goal percentage of just 42 percent. And they were up by 17 points in their second-round game against No. 10 seed Davidson — until they started turning the ball over and allowed a sophomore named Stephen Curry to score 25 of his 30 points in the second half. Georgetown lost, 74-70 — and comparing the actual outcome to the projected result based on the teams’ statistical strengths, Georgetown underperformed expectations by 18.5 points per 100 possessions. That’s pretty bad, but nowhere near as awful as what was coming.”

“In 2010, Georgetown was a No. 3 seed but trailed No. 14 seed Ohio all the way in their first-round matchup, allowing a blizzard of jump shots, including 13 3-pointers. In losing 97-83, Georgetown not only suffered the biggest margin ever in a 14-3 upset, but the Hoyas underperformed their expected outcome by 38.1 points per 100 possessions, the fourth-worst game ever by a Giant.”

“In 2011, VCU, a No. 11 seed, steamrolled Georgetown, a 6-seed, on the Rams’ way to the Final Four. The Hoyas shot 5-for-26 on 3-point attempts while giving up a dozen 3s, and committed 17 turnovers. Georgetown fell 39.5 points per 100 possessions short of expectations, the third-worst performance ever by a Giant.”

“In 2012, Georgetown, a No. 3 seed, seemed to exorcise its demons when it threw daggers into our spreadsheets and vanquished Belmont in the Round of 64. But then they lost to North Carolina State, a No. 11 seed.”

“With this 78-68 loss, Georgetown again performed far worse than expected: 32.4 points per 100 possessions under water, which ranks as the No. 10 all-time horror show by a Giant. (For purposes of comparison, New Mexico played 23.4 points worse than expected in losing to Harvard. The worst loss ever by a Giant was Purdue’s 94-76 destruction at the hands of VCU in 2011, clocking in at -44.2.) And since 2007, the Hoyas have played 92.2 points per 100 possessions than they should have in the NCAA tournament, over nine games. Uh, congratulations?”

Nice piece from Peter Keating.

This is the death of the Georgetown. Today should be the day John Thompson is fired.


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