Top 10 UFC Pound for Pound

renan barao

10. Renan Barao- Renan Barao might be the best fighter that no one besides hard-core fans know about. After losing his first pro fight he has gone on to win 28 consecutive fights including the Bantamweight interim title. Barao has one of the most diverse striking arsenals on the UFC roster to go along with outstanding takedown defense. His only weakness is he tends to fade in the later rounds and often settles for a decision victory. He is currently waiting for Bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz to recover from a torn ACL.


9. Demetrious Johnson- Demetrious Johnson made history last year by becoming the inaugural UFC champion at flyweight and has continued to impress since winning the title. He is by far the fastest and most agile fighter on the UFC roster. His hand speed allows him to land strikes in bunches and often gets his opponents off balance. Being only 5’3 gives him a low center of gravity, which helps him use his wrestling background to help secure takedowns. His only weakness is he lacks a decent jiu-jitsu game and has not been able to finish an opponent in the UFC. He is currently waiting to fight the winner of Ian McCall and Joseph Benavidez, both whom he has already defeated.

dominick cruz

8. Dominick Cruz- Dominick Cruz hands down has the best footwork in MMA. This along with having the longest reach of any bantamweight on the UFC roster allows him to move inside the pocket and deliver a wide variety of strikes and taking little to no punishment in the process. His improved wrestling has helped him defeat every opponent he has faced at his current weight class which lead to him becoming the Bantamweight champion of the world. Cruz’s only noticeable weakness is he has pillows for hands. Even though he lands a great quantity of strikes they do little to no damage. This has lead to him winning all his fights by decision. He is currently recovering form a torn ACL.

frankie edgar

7. Frankie Edgar- Frankie Edgar by far has the most heart of any fighter I have ever seen. Period. He won the lightweight championship by defeating the greatest lightweight of all time in B.J Penn and went along to retain the title twice to Gray Maynard after getting knockdown 3 times in both fights. No one can take the amount of punishment Frankie Edgar has received in the Octagon and still get up and fight. Frankie has come on hard times of late though by losing to Benson Henderson twice in razor thin decisions and by losing a close fight at featherweight to Jose Aldo. His main weakness is the main contributor to why he keeps losing close fights. He simply does not do as much damage when he strikes as opposed to when these bigger fighters hit him. Even with these recent loses it does not take away from his skill set. He prides himself on great technical boxing and his outstanding wrestling chops. He currently is waiting for a fight at featherweight to get him back in the title picture.


6. Cain Velasquez- Cain Velasquez is an absolute monster. The amount of cardio Cain possesses is absolutely absurd. After getting caught in his first fight with Junior Dos Santos, Cain came back and got revenge in one of the most one sided fights the UFC has ever seen. For five rounds he absolutely brutalized Dos Santos to the point where he couldn’t walk and his face was almost unrecognizable. His wrestling and kickboxing are top notch which helps set up his world class ground and pound. He has destroyed every opponent in his way and looks to be short on competition. His only weaknesses are his chin is a tad suspect and his jiu-jitsu game is sub-par. Cain also is undersized and often weighs in 30 pounds lighter than the heavyweight max. Velasquez is scheduled to fight Antonio Silva which is going to be a brutal first round knockout.

benson henderson

5. Benson Henderson- Benson Henderson has taken the MMA world by storm since joining the UFC. He is simply an athletic freak that is bigger stronger and faster than any other lightweight Mixed Martial Arts has ever seen. Besides two close fights to Frankie Edgar, Henderson has dominated every opponent he has faced leaving them bloody and putting them through hell every minute they were in the cage. His gymnastic like flexibility, wide variety of striking, top notch jiu-jitsu game. and amazing wrestling have made him one of the best fighter in the world. The only small negative about Benson Henderson is he has not finished any of his opponents since joining the UFC. He is currently scheduled to put his lightweight title on the line vs. Gilbert Melendez.

jose aldo

4. Jose Aldo- Jose Aldo is easily one of the most talented fighters in the world and the scariest thing is he is only getting better. The only way to describe his leg kicks is to say they are absolutely brutal. The amount of torque he uses when he kicks have left multiple opponents unable to walk for days. His overall striking game is arguably the best in the world. He has finished opponents with kicks, punches, knees, and elbows since becoming a professional. The power he has is unheard of for a featherweight. This along with being the most physically imposing featherweight, have lead to him becoming the UFC inaugural featherweight champion and simply outclassing former lightweight champ Frankie Edgar. Due to the huge weight cut he has to go through he will likely be moving to lightweight in a year or so. The only read flag that comes up with Jose Aldo is his cardio. But when you can finish fights in the first round like he can he rarely needs to use his full gas tank. He is will be defending his title against Anthony Pettis later in the year.


3. Jon Jones- Jon Jones is quickly becoming the most marketable fighter the UFC has. He has completely demolished everyone the UFC has thrown his way. He has changed traditional striking by incorporating spinning elbows and unorthodox kicks into his arsenal. Jon Jones when it is all said and done may go down as the greatest Mixed Martial Artist to ever live. His striking and wrestling are world class to go along with his Jiu-Jitsu game that seems to improve every fight. Jones has showed the abilty to finish the fight anywhere whether its standing or if the fight goes to the ground. Due to his freakishly long each and his massive frame it is only a matter of time until he moves to heavyweight because being the light heavyweight champ literally seems too easy for him. The only small negatives about Jones are he lacks one punch knockout power and lack of competition. Almost all the fighters he has defended his title against were well passed their prime but they were the best that the UFC could offer Jones. He is scheduled to defend his title in April against Chael Sonnen.


2. Georges St-Pierre- George St-Pierre like Benson Henderson, is simply the biggest strongest, fastest man in his weight class. The kind of dominance that St-Pierre has experienced while being the Welterweight champion is unbelievable. To put it in persepective, St. Pierre has only lost 1 out of the 35 rounds he has fought in since winning the belt. His wrestling is best in the world and he has some of the best technical striking the MMA world has ever seen. He holds black belts in Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the best trainer in the world Greg Jackson. I simply don’t see him losing in the next five years unless he fights the man that tops this list. The amazing thing about St-Pierre is he doesn’t have any weaknesses. The only thing that critics hound him for is his lack of finishing fights in recent years and has been pegged as a “safe fighter”. Some people consider dominance as finishing people but in reality isn’t it also dominating to completely pick apart an opponent and dominate him every second of a 25 minute fight? He is scheduled to fight Nick Diaz this month.

anderson silva

1.Anderson Silva- Anderson is on anther level from every other fighter on the planet. Unless a loss to St-Pierre, he will go down as the greatest fighter to step in the Octagon by the time he retires. His timing and power on all of his strikes is second to none. He is the greatest striker MMA has ever seen by a long shot. The only man that came close to beating him was Chael Sonnen, but Silva over came adversity and finshed him in the 5th round. And if that wasn’t enough he came back and knocked out Sonnen in their rematch. The way he breaks down opponents and completely humiliates them in unbelievable to watch. His chin is the best in the world and has never even received a cut or bled in the Octagon. Whether you love him or hate him you will spend the 45 bucks to watch this guy whenever he steps in the Octagon. People do not understand how good this guy is. He is better at fighting than Jordan was at basketball. He is better at fighting then Wayne Gretsky was at Hockey. It is not a reach to say he is the most dominate athlete of all time. His numerous records such as most title defenses, most UFC wins, and his countless other records don’t even begin to describe what this guy has done for the sport. His only minor weakness is his wrestling but even that continues to improve. He is currently waiting for his next fight to be announced. All hail the king.


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