Miami’s Big 3 close out February 12-1


After losing to Indiana for the second straight time this season on the first of February, Miami put together the longest winning streak in the Big 3 era. The Heat won twelve straight and scored 100 points or more in ten out of twelve wins. They closed out their last win in February in a double overtime scare from the Kings. Marcus Thorton was cooking from deep all game but ran into the superpower that is the Big 3. Bosh, James, and Wade scored all twenty nine Miami Heat points in the two overtimes. The Heat are 25-3 at home and have Memphis coming to town on Friday.


LeBron’s incredible month: He is on pace to have the best season ever statistically. In February Mr. James had a better field goal percentage than Tyson Chandler, higher FT% than Chris Paul, and a better 3PT% than Ray Allen and Stephen Curry. Re read last sentence. The King averaged 29.7 Pts, 7.8 Ast, 7.5 Reb on 64% shooting and 43% from deep in February. LeBron began the month with an NBA record scoring 30 points on 60% shooting in six games. He opened up a can of whoop ass and displayed his ability of scoring a lot of points on the least amount of shots possible. LeBron is on pace to have the highest PER in NBA history(31.9 currently) and thats due to his sick 38.5 PER in February. He shut down his February by disrespecting the Kings with 16 assists and 40 points. Long Live the King.


The Walking Dead(WOW): Dwyane Wade aka WOW has quietly risen from the dead the past two months and is unleashing his forces on buttercup NBA defenders. This is D-Wade’s best month statistically for scoring(23.4), rebounding(6.2), and passing(5.5). Wade is also posting his highest FG% of his career(51%). Remember those Wade trade rumors?(I was one of them) Well those are gone. Wade is excelling in a second option role and has quietly put up great numbers this season. Although his season success is being overshadowed by the King, this is still Wade County.


Like a Bosh?: This was not the month for Chris Bosh. In my opinion he wasn’t in the best mental state after Lil Wayne’s outburst. Bosh had great games against Portland, Oklahoma City, and Los Angeles before the all-star break. The last five games of February for CB1 were bad(10.6ppg 4.8rpg). He was pushed around on the glass and clanking jumpers. You take the good and bad with Bosh because he is all for the team. Bosh needs to overcome his struggles fast with games against tough front courts coming up (New York(twice), Memphis, and Indiana).


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