Winners and losers from the combine- Offense

NFL Combine: Who helped/hurt their stock by position (Tavon Austin from West Virginia pictured below)


QB’s- This position is seen as one of the weakest QB classes in a while and the QB’s really needed to prove themselves at the combine.

Person who helped their stock the most- Now Geno Smith (West Virginia) is going to be the first QB taken so even though he had the best combine out of anyone his stock didn’t really change. The person I think improved his stock the most is Mike Glennon (NC State). Now I hate saying this because I do not like him as a pro prospect at all (only simple minded Landry Jones do I hate more than Glennon). He showed scouts what exactly he does best, show off his rocket like arm. Glennon has a cannon for an arm. He made deep ball passes with ease and only missed on a few throws. This being said he got to do what HE DOES BEST! With pressure coming at him and having to make quick decisions is where he struggles. He also struggles on some short throws that involve throwing with more touch and having to change arm angles. He has extreme height at 6’ 7” and I do not like his mobility. However he may have worked his way into the first round if he has the same type of Pro Day.

Person who hurt them self the most: People might think it was Matt Barkley (USC) since he is a fringe first round prospect and didn’t throw but it was not him. One Quarterback had an abysmal day and that quarterback’s name is Tyler Wilson (Arkansas). Especially on deep ball throws he struggled with his accuracy and his thing is supposed to be accuracy. People are saying his hands are too small (a very small 8 and 5/8th inches) and he won’t be able to make “pro” throws in the NFL. On top of this terrible day something even more embarrassing happened. Tyler Wilson was supposed to have athleticism like Aaron Rodgers as one scout put it. Instead he ran a 40 time that was worse than Mike Glennon (the 6’7” goon) himself. Scouts were very shocked to see that he ran this slow. He also had one of the worst broad jumps for the QB class at the combine. So, now instead of having this sneaky athleticism scouts now are wondering if he has any at all.

RB’s – This is a position that you may not see anyone in the first round go. It’s possible with needs towards the end of the first round but I think it’ll be very hard to crack. A team would definitely need to fall in love with someone for it to happen. That person who it could be (Eddie Lacy) didn’t even participate in the combine. That being said there is some value in round 2 and 3 in this draft and some running backs that I like.

Person who helped them self the most: Knile Davis (Arkansas) – I was so happy when I watched the combine and saw him perform so well. He was second in 40 time among running backs with a 4.34 and was also second among bench press as well (losing to a fullback so it shouldn’t count). Knile Davis after his very strong 2010 campaign was an easy candidate for the Heisman for the 2011 season. However tragedy occurred by injuring his ankle before the season ever started. The poor kid missed out on potentially winning a Heisman. Then when he returned in 2012 he didn’t seem to be his self and lost his starting job. The downside to Knile is he has already had a career plagued with injury before ever reaching the NFL. Hopefully he can remain healthy in the NFL because he definitely has the potential to be an effective NFL player and possibly a star.

Person who hurt them self the most- The two running backs I have chosen certainly aren’t the best or going to be drafted that high but this is what I saw at the combine remember. This person was Pittsburgh running back Ray Graham (Pittsburgh). Graham was seen as a possible 2nd to 3rd round pick due to his big play potential and his seasons as a sophomore and a junior. His season year he had a career high for running the ball but his yards per carry decreased by a yard and he didn’t show the same explosiveness. So his potential was already limited as a runner since he most likely will not be an everyday back. Then, the combine came. Ray was known for his quickness and able to escape defenders but, he ran a 4.8 40 (the same as Manti Te’o) and didn’t do too well in the bench either. He was just average at the shuttle, which was supposed to be his thing. He was injured and didn’t play in Pitt’s bowl game so that may have had something to do without but I don’t see him going before the 4th maybe even 5th round now.

WR’s- This class in my opinion is the most underrated. There are guys that I don’t find to intriguing (Terrance Williams, Baylor) but the depth of this class along with playmakers make this position very appealing to me.

Person that helped them self most- Justin Hunter from Tennessee and it’s not really close. Sure Tavon Austin proved to us that he certainly is fast and that Marquise Goodwin came close to breaking Chris Johnson’s record however Hunter dominated. Coming into the 2011 season Hunter drew comparisons to people like Randy Moss and Terrell Owens for his big play ability. Then injury struck another college star. He tore his ACL and his year was gone in a flash. He came back this season and like Davis just didn’t look the same. He did produce pretty well but it was against weaker foes. But, then Justin Hunter all of a sudden felt it again. He bet his two friends (Patterson and Rodgers) that he would have a better combine and he certainly did. He ran a 4.4 40 and had the best vert of any receiver. He also stands at a tall 6’4” with long arms and good hand size. Not to mention he beasted the broad jump and no one came close to his 11’6”. Maybe, hopefully this means that Hunter is back to the player he once was and can be that talent he was projected to be before the injury. (Now I do want to say many receivers performed very well in this draft and increased their stock, Justin Hunter just had a freakish day).

Person that hurt them self the most- Ace Saunders (South Carolina): Ace was the go to receiver at South Carolina and was probably going to go in the 4-5 range. However he ran an awful 40 yard dash 4.58 seconds and only putting up the bench 7 times. He also put up poor scores testing his jumping ability to go along with that. Don’t even get me started on catching the ball since it seemed like he dropped everything and if he didn’t drop it he caught it with is body. I do not like his prospects as a wide receiver and I would stay away from him if I was an NFL team.

TE’s- Just like the running back position I just don’t see someone going in the first round or being of value to go in the first round. I really don’t like this class at all. There may be some prospect that will come out of nowhere who has a lot of raw talent. There are the two decent tight ends in Tyler Eifert and Zach Ertz (Stanford)  but after that it’s unknown if anyone will produce.

Person who helped them self the most- Tyler Eifert Notre Dame: Yes I know, I’m not taking a huge risk by saying that the top tight end performed the best at the combine, but I have a reason. Tyler and Ertz are the two people battling it out for the top tight end in this year’s class. The chances of one being taken in the first round are low but the chances of both being taken is very slim. So, whoever impresses the scouts more takes that chance at going in the first round and getting that guaranteed contract and getting more money. I think Eifert may have just cemented that spot in the combine by just outshining Ertz in every drill (he did). Also Ertz really didn’t do anything exceptionally well. If I was to take a risk I would say Vance McDonald (Rice) was the most impressive and may go at the end of the second, beginning of the third now after his combine performance. He ran a 4.69 and beat out all tight ends in the bench by doing 7 more reps than anyone else.

Person who hurt them self the most- It’s very hard to hurt your stock when it barely exists but, D.C. Jefferson (Rutgers) actually got hurt. He went to do his first drill of the day, which was the bench and went to put up his 4th rep and hurt himself. Now that he couldn’t prove himself to scouts. He had a chance to be taken in the 7th round but now there is no way a team takes him.

OL- Offensive line is the position that may be taken the most in this draft. For example in the first round you may see as many as 9 linemen go in the first and probably be mad. Don’t be because if your team picks one of them they are getting a very good player.

Person that helped them self the most- Tie- Lance Johnson (Oklahoma) and Eric Fisher (Central Michigan) both offensive tackles just solidified themselves as possible top 10 picks. Fisher was probably going to go in the top 10 already but now definitely is and may go as high as 4. Some scouts are saying Fisher is actually better than Joeckel who is projected to go first overall. Lance Johnson on the other hand was seen as a top 20 pick and now because he showed just how athletic he is teams are saying he has the most potential out of any of the tackles. I see teams like the Jets, Cardinals and the Chargers begging he falls to them and the Cardinals most likely taking them. They just showed how athletic they were and that they can only get better with blocking. Terron Armstead (Arkansas Pine-Bluff) probably improved his stock the most going from a 4th round hopeful to now being likely taken in the second with the 40 he ran (a 4.65).

Person who hurt them slef the most- No one at all, this class is so deep and loaded with prospects to be found in the first two rounds. No prospect drastically hurt their stock only some just kept what they expected. People like Luke Joeckel (Texas A&M, Chance Warmack (Alabama) and Larry Watford (Kentucky) all kept their stock which was 1st overall, top 15 pick and second round respectively.

Post by James (J.D.) Hogan follow him on twitter @sportinghogan


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