Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls Reaction


Heat MVP: LeBron James 26pts 12rebs 7asts 2stls 11-15FG

Who else but LeBron. He set the pace early with transition layups and swarming defense. The 2nd quarter he ate up every Nate Robinson pick-n-roll, shutting down his dribble penetration and one time forcing Thibs to call a timeout because Nate could no longer dribble. He made his array three straight 20 foot jumpers in 3rd quarter with good defense in his face. LeBron dominated the glass all night leading the Heat with 12 rebounds, dishing out dimes, and owned the paint.

Bulls MVP: Joakim Noah 11pts 8rebs 8asts 2blks 3stls 5-11FG

Can we call this guy the best all around big in the league now? Noah played great in all facets of the game, first by leading the Bulls in assists with eight. The guy is a super underrated passer and was anchoring the defense and was moving great on his bum ankle. Noah struggled shooting and couldn’t get anything going offensively besides close range dunks.

LVP: D-D-D-D Deng…? Luol Deng was non-existent all night besides one forced jump ball on LeBron. Deng couldn’t hit his jumper(making 1-5 jumpers) and was a non factor off the ball. He was even missing layups(2-6 on layups) and looked slow. Deng was neutralized and taken out the game mentally by LeBron.

27 Turnovers: Yes you are reading that correctly, the Bulls finished with 27 turnovers the most they have had all season and recorded 17 in the first half. Miami’s defense was looking like a combination of late 80’s Detroit Pistons and 1985 Chicago Bears, swarming pick-n-rolls, clogging lanes, and picking off passes. The Bulls looked ugly on offense and finished with 67 points.


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